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Blockchain Parameters

Blockchain parameters

Parameter Value Description
Maximum block size 5242880 The maximum size of a block in bytes.
Initial block reward 25.00000000 The initial reward in DREP for mining a block.
Block reward multiplier 95/100 After each cycle, the reward is halved.
Block reward change 7884000 blocks The number of blocks between block reward changes. This occurs approximately every 4 years.
Block reward share 50 50/N The miner node receives 50% of the reward, and the other verification nodes divide the remaining 50% of the reward equally.
MaxGasLimit 360000000 Maximum gas available for each block
MinGasLimit 180000000 Minimum the gas limit may ever be.

bft network parameters

Parameter Value Description
Number of nodes 7 This many tickets will be chosen to vote each block.