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Using Testnet

Last updated for testnet

DREP Chain has officially launched 4 Testnets:

DREP Testnet1.0 Darwin core performance summary:

DREP Testnet2.0 Riemann core performance summary:

DREP Testnet3.0 Euler core performance summary:

DREP Testnet4.0 Planck core performance summary:

Why Use Testnet?

The testnet is a wonderful place where you can experiment with the Drep applications without worrying that a mistake will cost you real money. It is actually recommended that people use the testnet to learn the basics of the Drep software and any new features.

Drep is currently on its Fourth Testnet. Testnets are periodically reset to help keep a manageable blockchain file size.

How to Run a Testnet Node

Running a testnet node is incredibly easy. Your application of choice will need to download the testnet blockchain, and you will need to create a new account for testnet use. Your mainnet blockchain and account will remain untouched. Switching between the two is incredibly easy.

Command-Line Suite

To launch drep on testnet, First, get the Testnet configuration file, and put the configuration file into the system default directory,configuraton files in *.zip.

  • Linux

Download the executable from here,select,decompression it. and place it under the directory: /usr/local/bin,Place the configuration file config.json (in drep-linux-amd64-v1.0.0/testnet_config/) under the directory: ~/.drep,Start the node using command: drep console

  • Windows

Download the executable from here, select,decompression it.Place the configuration file(drep-win-amd64-v1.0.0/configFile/test-net) under the directory: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Drep,Open the command-line interface (cmd.exe), navigate into the directory at which the executable is placed.Start the node using command: drep.exe console

  • mac

Download the executable from here,select,decompression it.Place the configuration file config.json(in drep-darwin-amd64-v1.0.0/configFile/test-net) under the directory: ~/Library/Application Support/Drep.Place drep under the directory /usr/bin .Start the node using command: drep console

Acquiring Testnet Coins

You can acquire coins through the Drep Testnet Faucet. Please return any coins to the address listed at the bottom of that page when you’re done playing with the testnet.