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Using the Block Explorer

Using the Block Explorer

How to claim free DREP testnet token:

  1. Prepare your DREP testnet public key

  2. Input it on above field of “Your DREP testnet public key”

  3. Press button of Claim

Note: Every DREP testnet public key is allowed to claim DREP testnet token once per day (00:00, UTC)

All blocks and transactions on the DREP blockchain are visible through the use of the block explorer.

  1. Networks

  2. Mainnet

  3. Testnet

Below is a quick review of some of the information on them.

Option Explanation
Height The block number.
Age How long ago the block was added to the blockchain.
Transactions The number of transactions included in the block.
Size The size (in bytes) of the block.

Under Latest Transactions, you can see the transaction ID (txid) and the value (in DREP) transmitted across the network.

Option Explanation
Number of Transactions The number of standard transactions (DREP sent from one user to another).
Height The height of the blockchain in which this block resides.
Merkle Root A hash value of all the transaction hashes included in this block.
Bits A compact version of the network difficulty at the time the block was mined.
Size The size of the block (in bytes).
Version The version of the block.