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DREP’s Cross Chain Protocol transcends traditional thinking on cross-chain transactions as it not only provides the basic functionality of transferring assets, but is also capable of synchronizing and migrating behavioral data related to personal identities such as credit rating. Such data are then secured through homomorphic encryption to ensure high levels of security and privacy.

Taking into account of different needs, DREP’s Cross Chain Protocol adopts both isomorphic and heterogeneous cross-chain solutions to address performance and cost efficiency requirements found under different architectures:

• Isomorphic Cross Chain:

DREP main chain and sub-chains are connected via a frictionless isomorphic cross-chain protocol; this allows users to receive real-time updates of their wallets even among different cross-chain platforms.

• Heterogeneous Cross Chain:

DREP’s distributed private key control technology has the ability to connect external chains and traditional platforms to DREP’s ecosystem, achieving a more secure heterogeneous cross-chain while extending the application scope of the reputation protocol across multiple platforms.

With the adoption of isomorphic and heterogeneous cross-chain technologies, token assets and reputation data from different DApps can then be integrated with the main account, thereby actualizing a multi-level and dimensional list of user reputational profiles.

In addition, there are plans to expand collaboration with existing partners on the reputation domain. This will be facilitated by extending the reputation protocol to different systems in accordance with the cross-domain security control requirements, thereby forming an extensive reputation ecosystem while extending DREP’s reputation protocol beyond blockchain.