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Metamask Swap Guide

Metamask Swap Guide

1.Go to the website
2.Click on ‘Connect to Your Wallet’ to connect your Metamask


3.After connecting, make sure your wallet has been switched to ETH Main network. Click on ‘Authorize’ to continue. (The authorization only needs to be conducted once if you don’t switch your wallet. No further authorization will be needed for your swap.)


4.Confirm your authorization on Metamask.


5.Upgrade your DREP! All of the old DREP tokens in your wallet will be upgraded to new DREP tokens at one time. After confirming your balance on this page, click on ‘Swap’ to begin your upgrade.


Only the old DREP tokens of the address: 0x22de9912cd3d74953b1cd1f250b825133cc2c1b3 can be swapped to the new DREP.


6.Confirm your transaction on Metamask.


7.Congratulations! After the on-chain transaction is confirmed, your swap will be completed at once. You can add tokens to the wallet to view your balance.
New DREP Contract address:0x3ab6ed69ef663bd986ee59205ccad8a20f98b4c2
Click on [Add Token] at the bottom of Metamask. Switch to Custom Token in the new page. Enter the new DREP Contract address and click on [Next] to add.