Multi-currency Payment SDK

The DREP SDK supports a wide variety of DApps. With DREP SDK, DApp development teams are able to deploy on multiple public chains with relative ease, with built-in wallets and asset trading platforms support. Developers can also utilize DREP ID to acquire users across multiple public chain ecosystems, thereby making Super DApps an achievable reality. Super DApps: DApps that are not confined to a specific public chain, but are connected to various public chains through DREP SDK. Users will be able to pay, transfer, lend and conduct other economic activities without any barrier. At the same time, user education cost are greatly reduced as DREP SDK allows seamless transfer of users from traditional platforms to decentralised version on Blockchain. DREP SDK for blockchain games has the following features, including but not limited to:

  1. Gaming account module: Cross-chain DREP ID removes segregation of user base across different public chains;
  2. Payment & trading module: The built-in payment and trading engine can further improve the experience of trading digital asset;
  3. Digital operation module: Visualization of operational data and in-game economic system, ensuring transparency and allowing configurability.