Drep Smart Channel

An independent data cluster called Smart Channel may need to be established between nodes in the DREP network due to data isolation or other special requirements. One of the nodes will broadcast a transaction to create a Smart Channel while the other nodes will apply to join the data cluster created. The influence of each node in this cluster is equal. The nodes can communicate privately, handle transactions independently, and jointly manage all copies of the ledger associated with the cluster. The cluster can be seen to be structured similarly to a circle of friends, although members of the cluster are not necessarily friends. A person may have multiple circles of friends, and each circle of friends has specific activities that they want to do. Different circles of friends can be completely independent or may overlap, but each circle of friends on its own is an entity and has its own “rules”.

Co-operation between enterprises or organizations are usually closely linked and may overlap. Suppose that there are four organizations named Org1, Org2, Org3, and Org4, of which Org1, Org2, and Org3 together form a financial chain alliance, while Org2 andOrg4 establish a supply chain alliance. DREP’s Smart Channel allows them to build multiple clusters based on specific business needs, creating different consortium chains, and adding new chains in real-time as needed. By supporting clusters, DREP allows a flexible construction of consortium chains under this architecture.