DREP Gamification Tool

DREP Gamification Tool is a toolkit based on DREP SDK. Developers will be able to create economic models, provide asset consumption scenarios, and enable user-defined operations. With the objective of greatly enhancing the token economic system, DREP Gamification Tool is secure, decentralized, has customizable game elements and allows easy integration. DREP Gamification Tool includes personalized in-game finance module, flexible economic system (including staking mechanism), multi-currency payment SDK, and other features. DREP Gamification Tool is released with the aim of accelerating the adoption of blockchain games and making on-chain economic models a reality.

Benefits of DREP Gamification Tool:

· Customizable gamification module enhances the playability of games and incentivizes users to pay for in-game items.

· Flexible and personalized economic models including staking to meet the needs of different users. · Supports easy deployment of the game on multiple chains and payment in multiple currencies. This lowers the development costs and increases user outreach.

· Easy to be integrated with and be implemented on Web/iOS/Android clients.

Multi-currency Payment SDK DREP SDK includes a complete payment SDK. Developers can implement multi-currency payment and settlement functions through simple parameter settings. The advantages of multi-currency payment SDKs and traditional payment channels are:

· Low barrier: Payment can be completed with a private key without registration and real name authentication

· Strong liquidity: The blockchain network is global. Digital currency payment is not limited by geography, and users can use digital currency to make payments anytime, anywhere.

· Great convenience: The blockchain network has the “transfer-and-settle” property. Developers can receive the digital currency as soon as the user completes the payment without the need to wait for clearing or settlement.

· Low cost: Peer-to-peer payment without intermediary reduces payment costs.